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EST: December 2023


Hello, I am Martyn Park, but you can call me Coach.

I am a Naturopath and Master Coach and Trainer who has been working professionally in the health and fitness and self improvement world for over 45 years across a huge and diverse section of the human population. 


Please join me on a Journey of Health, Wellness, Inspiration, & Personal Development.


We have created The Humble Diet members' community to provide support and assistance to everyone who has purchased one of our products, or participated in any of our courses or services, as we believe having a collaborative support community is an essential part of the process as you move forward on your personal health and wellness journey.

Our community is...

 A community that is free from distractions (i.e., outside of Facebook or any other commercial interests) so you can focus on what is important and not get caught up in all the other noise.

⭕ A community that allows you to connect and share and contribute and learn and - all in a supportive environment that encourages you to be yourself.

⭕ A community that enhances accountability, creates support, and stops you from feeling you are all on your own.

⭕ A community that is directly focused on the topics and issues that face someone who is trying to take control of their eating and weight and overall health and well-being.

⭕ A community that is completely open and welcomes diversity and inclusion of all peoples and cultures and eating styles and regimes and preferences: whoever you are, you are welcome; respect to all.

⭕ A community that is accessible and available via the internet as a desktop/laptop version. As a mobile browser version. And as an apple and android downloadable app (via the App Store or Google Play Store). 


Our community (your community), has been created to provide support to all our members via blog-posts, chat-groups, videos, podcasts, courses, programs, tutorials, webinars, live streaming and live events, masterclasses, group and one-on-one coaching, and the list goes on…


Access to our community is only available to anyone who has purchased or participated in one of our courses or services or products. 

So what are you waiting for? 

We'll see you inside.



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